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Are you feeling tired, lethargic or have a mental fog? These symptoms could be due to a deficiency of Vitamin B12. Our vitamin b12 injection service aims to provide a safe and effective method of boosting your vitamin b12 levels. Book online today.

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All good for me Thank you
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What a positive experience my family had at the pharmacy, had their covid booster and the lady on the door was so helpful and kind with my elderly parents. Thank you
Simply the best.
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Husband urgently needed antibiotics today (thursday) and usually they are closed early today however they were so so lovely. Let him in got him his antibiotics and were super helpful. Thank you pharmacy team!!
Very friendly and helpful team
COVID VACCINE BOOSTER Nov 22 Lovely, helpful, understanding staff I rang in to book my jab, shared I am autistic so they are aware of mg additional needs. Staff understood straight away and reassured me they would inform team, also offered me space whilst waiting in busy pharmacy. British Asian lady who administered the vaccine was very nice, talked slowly and calmly and made sure i was comfortable (closing door to lower noise levels due to my sensory issues). Vaccine was the easiest one ive had, really positive experience - worth the drive from Tring Thank you!
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Went in just to collect mum's prescription and there was a guy outside showing people to where their Covid jabs should be. I asked the chief pharmacist if I could get a Covid and flu jab done but I don't live in the area and the chemist's near me have run out already and have no more appointments. He knows I'm a carer for my mum in the village and need to stay healthy after my father passed away last year and took my details and I'd had both done within a matter of minutes! This was above and beyond what they had to do.... many thanks 👍

What is a vitamin B12 injection?

The vitamin b12 injection is a prescription-only medicine that is widely used by clinicians to treat or prevent vitamin b12 deficiency. It is an efficient method of boosting vitamin b12 levels.
The injection is given in the upper arm (deltoid muscle) as an intramuscular injection. The medicine used is Hydroxcobalamin 1000mcg/ml ampoule.

How does the B12 injection service work?

The B12 injection service is designed to make the process of getting a B12 injection safe and simple.
Book Appintment
Book your appointment online and complete a short medical questionnaire.
The medical questionnaire is reviewed by a UK prescriber and once approved, you will get an email confirmation.
Visit Pharmacy
Visit us at the pharmacy at the booked appointment time to get your vitamin b12 injection.

What are the main causes of vitamin B12 deficiency?

Vitamin B12 is not produced by our body, it is obtained from food in our diet. An individual becomes deficient when they are not consuming enough vitamin B12-rich foods or they are unable to absorb sufficient vitamin b12.
Vitamin B12 is mainly found in animal-based foods, milk, eggs and dairy products. Those following a vegan or strict plant-based diet are more likely to suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency.

What is the role of vitamin b12?

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin required by our body for the formation of red blood cells and DNA. It is also important for the normal function and development of the brain and the nerve cells.

What are the symptoms of low vitamin b12?

The symptoms and the severity of the symptoms vary between individuals. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause a range of symptoms, these include:

How can I book a vitamin b12 injection?

Click on the book appointment button. Select an appointment time and complete a short medical questionnaire. Once your medical questionnaire is reviewed and approved by a prescriber, you will be notified and asked to attend your appointment to have the injection at the pharmacy.